Freedom care project – Charity event

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Events

Freedom care project was founded in 2009 and it provides alternative home for homeless kids in Nepal. Home-based care is a concept that is an alternative to fostering or kinship care, and involves adult carers looking after a small group of orphans in a home-like setting. This kind of care is new to Nepal, and may avoid some of the drawbacks of institutionalised care in an orphanage.

They placed six children from the orphanage into the home with two female carers who live full-time with the children. These two carers were themselves living on the street, so we also consider them to be beneficiaries of the project.The Freedom care project is now under the umbrella of HK registered charity CWS. Together with CWS, we are searching and finding the better solution for the children.

Deibérica was invited to participate on one of their charity evening event at the Oolaa bar in Hong Kong. Oolaa bar provided the free space for them to host this event. There were many participants and guests attended the event. Guests could purchase goods and items that were donated by the participants, including Deibérica’s hams and olives. All the profit goes directly to the freedom care project fund to help the development of this work.

For details or donations, please visit their website or their Facebook page.
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